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San Leo

Worth noting in the centre is the Town Hall building, formerly the residence of the Counts of Montefeltro, and the Palace of the Nardini Counts that, on 8th May 1213, had the honour of hosting St. Francis when he received the gift of Mount La Verna here.

Another fine building is the Medici Palace; rebuilt in the Dè Medici family between 1517 and 1523 as a residence for the governor of San Leo it is now home to the museum of sacred art, with its precious art treasures.
The Romanesque parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta is a small architectural masterpiece. It has a basilica layout consisting of three apses, each adorned with arches and pilasters.
The Cathedral is not just an important monument, it also has a strong spirituality; built in 1173 on an existing 9th century construction, it is in Romanesque-Lombard style with many architectural embellishments.  
The rough, quadrangular-based bell tower is also fascinating and from the top, offers incomparable views of the town of San Leo below.

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Centro storico
Village of San Leo
Centro storico

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