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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    From Bellaria to Cippo di Carpegna by car

    Bellaria Igea Marina - Bellaria

    Before leaving
    - don’t rush; this is a relaxing and pleasant trip!
    - cooler bag
    - water and other soft drinks
    - anything you need for a snack
    - a couple of hundred grams of mortadella (I’ll explain later)
    - bin liner
    - a tablecloth to spread on the ground
    - lots of desire to do something unusual

    • The tour is less than 70 km one way
    • Always follow the street signs and rules
    • Stop every now and then to have a good look around
    • Watch out for the electronic speed controls
    • Don’t throw anything on the ground, use the bag you’ve brought

    The trip from Bellaria - Santarcangelo - Ponte Verucchio - Pennabilli - Carpegna (province of PU in the Marche) – Cippo, is ideal for people who would like to spend the whole days in the hills and enjoy the comfort of their own car which allows them to stop wherever and whenever they like or make any detours they wish.
    It is not the shortest possible route, but it is the most beautiful one, especially where you travel up from Pennabili to the Cantoniera and then turn off into the centre of Carpegna.

    The first goal is Ponte Verucchio because this is where your reach the street you then continue to follow, regardless of whether you start from Rimini or one of the suburbs.

    • From Bellaria you get to Santarcangelo (about 12 km) on the SS16 (ring road) towards Rimini until you reach the roundabout of via Tolemaide. Here you turn off to the right in the direction of Santarcangelo.

    • In Santarcangelo, follow the signs to Poggio Berni, Torriana which take you to the SP14 “Santarcangiolese”: You should see Torriana on your right, but don’t drive up towards the village but instead follow the road to Verucchio until you get to Ponte Verucchio, about 11 km (the street signs are clear!)


    • OK, once arrived in Ponte Verucchio, take the SP258 “Marecchiese” and follow it for about 28 km until you get to Ponte Messa in Pennabilli. It is a street surrounded by the beautiful nature in this valley created by the river Marecchia that takes this course from its well in the Alpe della Luna in the Tuscan Apennines before issuing into the sea in Rimini.


    • In Ponte Messa of Pennabilli, take SP1 towards Miratoio, Passo Cantoniera and Carpegna (reached after about 16 km). Once you have passed Pennabili, the first leg up to Passo Cantoniera is quite long, the road is narrow with ravines left and right, but you have a great view through the bushes and trees.  Do stop every now and then to enjoy the spectacular nature together with your companions! The pass is at a height of 1007 m with wide meadows, restaurants and a camping area where during the summer you can stay overnight.  It is popular both in summer and winter. It is well worth stopping here for a rest and a walk around.


    • After the Cantoniera, the road descends a little for the next 4 km when you get to Carpegna (748 m) and a wider road.  The view of the ridge of Mount Carpegna (1415 m) on your left and the mountain chain of Sasso Simone e Simoncello on your right is impressive.

    And now for the mortadella! Go to the local baker’s and buy enough bread for you and your group. They make good bread there, fragrant, a wonderful scent; you’ll want to eat it just like that!!

    • Now take the road to Il Cippo (1021 m) from the village of Carpegna.  This stretch of road is short, but very steep. 2.7 km until you get to the campsite.  The great cycling champion Marco Pantani, a well-known rock climber, loved this area for training purposes: There is still a lot of evidence left of all the champions who followed this course, as well as a metal work of art dedicated to "the Pirate" near a fountain of wonderfully fresh water which I’d recommend drinking to refresh yourself.


    • That’s it; here is the end of our trip. Take a stroll in this area, usually there are quite a lot of people, and so your find a kiosk with soft drinks and snacks. Don’t forget to go up a bit to the peak itself and admire the fantastic panorama – you’ll have a view all the way to the Adriatic sea! Now it’s time to spread out your tablecloth and get out those marvellous rolls and the bread from Carpegna as well as your mortadella from Bologna!

    This is called the CIPPO (stone) because at the peak there is a stele Mussolini had made in memory of one of his relatives.

    What to see

    In Pennabilli

    info: IAT Pennabilli

    In Carpegna

    info: IAT Carpegna

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    From Bellaria to Cippo di Carpegna by car
    Via San Mauro

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