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    Motorboat Queen Elisabeth


    Motor cruisers for tourist trips. Cruises every day in summer to explore the Adriatic Sea and the beauty of the Romagna Riviera.

    departure from Dolphinarium

    Monday and Saturday: at 10.00 am, return at 11.30 am
    mini cruise, an experience along the coastline. € 5,00

    Monday and Thursday: at 3.15 pm, return 6.15 pm
    cruise stopping over at Vallugola bay (to take a swim). On the way back, panoramic sailing along the high and wild coast of San Bartolo hill. Fish and wine are offered on board. € 12,00, children € 6,00

    Monday and Wednesday: at 9.30 pm, return 11.30 pm
    cruise over the sea with stop in Porto Verde. € 6,00

    Tuesday: at 10.00 am, return at 11.30 pm
    Panoramic cruise along the adriatic coast. € 6,00

    Tuesday and Saturday: at 3.15 pm, return 6.15 pm
    sea cruise with stop in Rimini for the sea lions show. Opportunity to go up the ferris wheel. Tickets are available on board. On the way back fish and wine will be offered on board. € 14,00, children € 6,00

    Tuesday and Thursday: at 9.15 pm, return 11.45 pm
    an overnight dancings: a romantic night cruise over the sea. Typical folkloristic night of Romagna: drinks or wine included in the price. € 14,00, children € 6,00

    Wednesday: at 10.00 am, return at 12.15 pm
    the natural park of Monte San Bartolo seen from the sea. A chance to admire the cliff coast, very rare on the adriatic sea. € 10,00, children € 6,00

    Wednesday and Friday: at 2.30 pm, return 7.00 pm  
    a panoramic cruise stopping in Pesaro. While cruising you can admire the promontory of San Bartolo adn on its slopes the villa of the unforgettable Pavarotti. On the way back fish and wine is offered. € 14,00, children € 16,00
    Every Wednesday special visit to the wonderful Villa Imperiale. (Tickets on board €.13). Mandatory booking via whatsapp 339.6848787.

    Thursday: at 10.00 am, return at 12.30 pm
    cruise on the high seas to see the gigantic methan platform up close, which is 20 km from the coast and where are likely to see dolphins in the wild. € 12,00, children € 8,00

    Friday: at 10.00 am, return at 12.15 pm
    sea cruise with stop in the bay of Vallugola to take a swim. € 10,00, children € 6,00.


    Cattolica, Misano Adriatico and Gabicce

    Opening hours

    Opening period: seasonal
    Entrance: fee payable

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    Porto / Harbour - Phone: (+39) 333 5030172, (+39) 339 6848787 - [email protected] -

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