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The approach to this village in the mid-Conca valley is both surprising and thrilling; a village with an elegant semi-circular square, the setting for films and exciting historical re-enactments, within its walls. It has a strong musical imprint, thanks to the presence of a band and an accordion factory owned by the Galanti brothers. It is surrounded by unspoilt scrubland and fields where deer once pastured; indeed, they can still be seen near here and gave the town its name - “monte dei daini” or “mountain of roe deer”. This is where the Etruscans succeeded the Umbrians as they expanded towards the plains. Then the Romans staunched the invasion of the Gauls and established the legend that linked the town’s origins to the figure of Diana, goddess of hunting and the woods, the moon and witches. In the Roman era there was a temple here in her honour, as the remains of Vicus Dianensis recall. The village’s new name Mons Damarum, which subsequently became Mondaino, was attributed to the spread of Christianity. It quickly gained geopolitical importance when the Malatesta made it a stronghold on the border with the Montefeltro, dukes of the area in the upper Conca valley and Urbino, only 25 kilometres away. The family from Rimini had ruled here since 1289; it consolidated the walls and gates making the fortress, which hosted political meetings like the peace pacts signed initially by Carlo Malatesta and Antonio da Montefeltro in 1393 and then by Sigismondo Pandolfo and Federico in 1459, more imposing. Unfortunately, these agreements were short-lived as three years later Federico conquered Mondaino and gave it to the Church. This did not however, lead to its downfall as it remained one of the key castles in the Conca valley. Although it has maintained its original layout over the centuries, civilian and ecclesiastical architecture has been added. This is now best seen by entering Marina Gate and walking around the districts that host an accurate historical re-enactment in August. Visitors can enjoy nature, art and culture thanks to the beautiful museums that narrate its history from the remotest geological eras. There is a truly magical place not far from the town centre; called Arboretum it is a park with an environmental documentation centre, theatre and two guest quarters that can host those who come to follow art, communication and nature itineraries. Fabio Tombari lived in the municipality; his books were authentic bestsellers during the 1930s and 40s with ironic studies of provincial life that has largely remained the same. One such example is I Ghiottoni narrated by him (he wrote both I Ghiottoni and Frusaglia here). The town’s traditional food products include truffles, collected in autumn and celebrated in a fair at the end of November, as well as olive oil and Fossa cheese.

Patron: Saint Michael Archangel (29th september).

Local Tourist Board Association and  Tourist Information Office
via Secondaria Levante, 1 tel. 0541 869046 fax 0541 869046
[email protected]

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Convent of the Poor Clares
Marina Gate (Porta Marina)
Malatesta Fortress
San Michele Arcangelo Church
Palaeontology Museum
Permanent exhibition of Mondaino majolica
Piazza Maggiore
Former Monastery of San Francesco
Theatre Dimora and Arboretum Park

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Surface: 19,8 kmq

Population: 1.390

Distance from the main cities:
Rimini 35 km
Riccione 20 km
Bellaria 42 km
Cattolica 15 km
Misano 17 km

motorway A 14 "Bologna - Bari" - tollgate "Cattolica" km. 16
railway  Cattolica railway km. 18
airport Rimini Miramare km. 30
state roads: SS 72 Feltresca Pesaro-Urbino
provincial roads: SP 80 Tavoletana, SP 17 Pesarese, SP 64 Pieggia

bus lines: START Romagna


Contact details

Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Maggiore, 1 - Phone: (+39) 0541 981674 - Phone fax: (+39) 0541 982060 - [email protected] -
Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Maggiore, 1

43.85931008807861; 12.669658307934588

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