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Repubblica di San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is 30 minutes’ drive from Rimini and territorially includes the upper valley of the Ausa, the left part of the upper valley of the Marano River and almost all the valley of Rio San Marino, a tributary of the Marecchia River. Since 2008, the historic centre of the City of San Marino and Mount Titano have been included by UNESCO on its list of World Heritage sites. It is the oldest republic in Europe and also the country that, in ratio to its inhabitants, welcomes the largest number of visitors, attracted by its historic centre with its numerous shops, ancient squares, buildings, museums, churches and Mediaeval houses all built in stone and all still retaining their former glory. On the top of Mount Titano stand the three fortresses (or fortification towers), linked by walls and communication trenches, which offer spectacular panoramic views.

Surface: 61 kmq

Population: 33.407

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Contrada Omagnano, 20 - Repubblica di San Marino - Phone: (+39) 0549 882410, (+39) 0549 882914 - Phone fax: (+39) 0549 882575 - [email protected] -
Repubblica di San Marino
Contrada Omagnano, 20 - Repubblica di San Marino

43.942296139042355; 12.449007965533774

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