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Drawing Biennale


Third edition of the Biennale Disegno Rimini, organized and curated by the Department of Culture and the Municipal Museums of Rimini, which will take place as usual between spring and summer with its consolidated format of exhibitions located in various institutional locations: Museo della Città, Ala Nuova, Palazzo Gambalunga, Far, Fabbrica Arte Rimini and Palazzo del Podestà, Castel Sismondo, Istituto Musicale Lettimi Music, plus the Circuit Open Circuit that puts other shows in private spaces into play (galleries, artists' studios and of architecture, bookshops).

The prerequisite for the designers of the exhibition is that the drawing is the educational core of all the arts.
Our country is one of the historical homelands of drawing, certainly the one that has exalted and extended the horizons of beauty and meaning, elevating it to an autonomous discipline, after having been an art in art.

Also in this new edition, the role of drawing as an emblem of the arts for the intrinsic and 'diagonal' power of crossing them all, is explored in many directions.


  • from 28/04/2018 to 15/07/2018

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