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    The Baroque style in Rimini

    Guided tour


    The tour takes place in the heart of Rimini historic centre, venues such as Piazza Cavour, the Church dei Servi and Palazzo Gambalunga. Visitors will discover enchanting art places, not so wellknown: the interior of the Church dei Servi with Baroque sculptures by Antonio Trentanove, the halls of Gambalunga Library with ancient furnishing from the sixteenth an seventeenth century. The public library is an important art building, donated to the city by Alexander Gambalunga, and it is the third-oldest public library in Italy.

    The tour is on booking within the day before.
    For groups, at least 15 people, are available guided tours in foreign languages ​​(English, French and German) with advance booking some days before.

    Meeting point:

    Piazza Cavour at 10:00 am


    Adult € 7,00 (children up to 6 years free, € 3,00 for children aged 7 to 10 years)
    1 € discont for the owner of Rimini Cittàmica card


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