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Malatesta & Montefeltro

Chestnut festival

On Sundays 12th - 19th - 26th October

Montefiore Conca

This towns, in the hinterland of Rimini, has been awarded the title of one of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” and an Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club. 

The sight of its fortress, an imposing Malatesta building overlooking the Conca river valley, is quite literally breathtaking and the village, with its mediaeval layout, is equally fascinating and interesting. It is surrounded by woodland and gently rolling countryside, with the coast in the background and the sea on the horizon.

In this context, the peasant festival dedicated to the chestnut will be held, now in its 49th edition: an autumn event with this delicious nut that should not be missed, with music, shows, food stands, a market, bundles of chestnuts and a fountain of wine, from which all guests can drink until they get their fill.  


Opening time:

10.00 am - 8.00 pm

Free entrance


  • from 12/10/2014 to 26/10/2014

Contact details

Borgo - Phone: (+39) 0541 980035 Comune Montefiore Conca -

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