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Jestlers and jugglers in medieval San Leo

San Leo

San Leo, the ancient fortress town in Montefeltro, hosts and and is the spectacular setting for this meeting of the best jugglers, jesters, harlequins and tricksters of all time.

The festival is inspired by a visit St. Francis of Assisi paid to the town in 1216. “God’s jester”, as Francis called himself, made such an inspiring and overwhelming speech that Count Cattani felt the need to present the Saint with Holy Mount Verna, on which a monastery was founded shortly thereafter.

For two days San Leo will leap back in time to revive the medieval merry-making of a marketplace day, with outdoor shows, dramas, competing archers, soldiers’ camps, and a street market displaying medieval crafts and typical produce, attended by vendors in ancient costumes.

Nor will there be any lack of inns in which to enjoy food specialties, the result of careful historical research.

Minstrels and jesters will perform their ancient art with gusto in the streets and squares of San Leo, bringing medieval and renaissance music and jokes, juggling, acrobatic and balance skills to adults and children alike.

It will be nice to stroll along the market stands where merchants and vendors in costume will offer their far-fetched or home-made goodies, but also will let people taste food and flavors which cannot be found in shops.

Besides the National tournament which will take place, there will also be spaces for adults and kids to have a try at shooting bows and arrows.

A taste of flavors gone by
Restaurants and taverns in the historic downtown offer the area’s best in their menus: San Leo sausage, Talamello Fossa cheese, Cartoceto pure olive oil, Carpegna Ham and the famous Valmarecchia breads, homemade preserves, and locally produced honey. 

Entrance fee payable


  • from 25/06/2011 to 26/06/2011

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Jestlers and jugglers in medieval San Leo
San Leo

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