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In the Mediaeval castle will be held an historical reenactment of the battle to free Montegridolfo from German occupation, which happened during the Second World War, on August 31, 1944. This is considered the most important reenactment dedicated to the Gothic Line.

A military camp will be set up with original military equipment and people dressed in both 1940s uniforms as well as plain clothes.

The battle of Montegridolfo will be simulated and a treasure hunt will be held focusing on the moment when the front was broken through. Also on schedule are a conference and theater performances, everyday life scenes along the village streets and an antiques market.

The inns will offer food from the past: potatoes cooked in ashes, pig ears, tripe, bread baked in the oven and the now famous once poor dinner soup with beans and chickpeas.

Among the guided tours on schedule are the one of the Gothic Line Museum, open for this occasion with just a donation of your choice as the admission fee.


from 5.00 pm



Adults 5,00 €
Free under 18 years

Entrance fee payable


  • from 12/08/2017 to 13/08/2017

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via Roma - Phone: (+39) 0541 855054 Comune Montegridolfo -
Montegridolfo Liberata
via Roma

43.8588583878958; 12.6887332656067

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