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Chiara di Dio

Musical dedicated to the figure of the Saint of Assisi on Sundays until March 22nd and on April 5th and 6th

Montescudo - Montecolombo - Montecolombo

All the number of the success:
10 years of performances, 7 years permanently at the Metastasio Theatre in Assisi, over 400 thousand spectators, revived in amateur version from over 100 amateur companies throughout Italy and abroad.
These are the numbers of the success of "Chiara di Dio", the musical dedicated to the saint of Assisi, written and directed by Carlo Tedeschi that after 6 years finally returns to the Leo Amici Theatre, Lago di Montecolombo (Rimini) with performances every Sunday from February 1st to March 22nd.

The musical
It is completely dedicated to the figure and life of Saint. Chiara beside Saint Francesco, availing of the historic Franciscan Sources, "it brings out - explains the director and author, Carlo Tedeschi - the humanity and the modernity of these two young people, Chiara and Francesco, an example for the youth of today despite the passage of eight centuries.
A model of how to break the mold, with the power and passion of the youth without compromising its own integrity. Of course it is an example to be related and updated to the changed scenario of today."

The Plot
An old man explains the need to tell about Santa Chiara’s life. Using the words of Pope John Paul II, he says that “it’s really difficult to separate these two names: Francesco and Chiara”. He defines them “phenomena, legends”.
The performance begins with Chiara dying: surrounded by the crying sisters.
Chiara, exhausted, asks for a “cerasa” (a cherry). She, who is used to fasting and renunciations, asks with extraordinary humanity, for something for herself.
Agnese sends a sister into the cloister, but it is August and it is not the cherry season.
In the few minutes that separate Chiara’s request from the return of the sister (miraculously carrying a cherry in her hand), the first and the second acts take place, with the most touching and extraordinary events of her life: the meeting with Francesco, the escape from her father’s home, the cutting of her hair for her consecration, the spectacular face to face with the Saracens.



Event timetable:

5.00 pm



Full fee: Adults 20,00 €
Reduced fee: € 15 (over 65, groups min 20 pax, students);
Special price for families children: 1,00 € (up to 12 years)
Special offer: 33,00 € (musical + lunch or dinner)

Entrance fee payable


  • from 01/02/2015 to 06/04/2015

Contact details

Teatro Leo Amici Lago di Montecolombo - Via Canepa - Phone: (+39) 0541 986133 - 345 8045807 - [email protected] - [email protected] -
Chiara di Dio
Teatro Leo Amici Lago di Montecolombo - Via Canepa

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