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Santarcangelo di Romagna

Santarcangelo Festival has always been a nerve centre where the latest waves of the international theatre scene can get together.

Its main goal has always been to make the audience active and the theatre spaces alive.

Born as “Street Theatre”, the Festival has always been accompanied by workshops, seminars and meetings, and has supported both innovative editorial projects and critical and theoretical works.

Theatres, houses, gyms, tuff quarries, streets and squares will be the stage of many different shows and happenings. The Festival’s aim is to recover the surprising effect of theatrical performance and connect again with the town-dwellers, also referring back to its old but still alive origins.

Dance, music, theatre, visual arts, performances, films and literature become, in a more and more evident way, the “music score” of the trans-disciplinarian shows that portray this year’s festival, which, like a snapshot, defines present times through the work of both Italian and international, established and up-and-coming artists, whose views are marked by the concurrence of expressive signs.

The program is articulated in ten days, without any interruptions, presenting performances, special staging, movies, concerts and workshops every day.




from 4,00 € to 18,00 €

Entrance fee payable


  • from 06/07/2018 to 15/07/2018

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varie sedi - Phone: (+39) 0541 626185 Santarcangelo dei Teatri - [email protected] -

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