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Pursuant to Article 3, Subsection 2 of Regional Law 4 dated 01/02/2000, to be able to exercise their profession, persons suitable for the provision of professional tourist accompaniment services (tourist guides, tourist couriers and environmental excursion guides) must “possess or certify civil liability insurance cover for potential risks to persons caused by participation in the envisaged visits or activities”. 

In conformity with the provisions of Decree of the President of the Italian Republic 445 dated 28/12/2000, this public body requires the professionals included in this list to provide a declaration in lieu of a notarized deed certifying their compliance with the above condition for the exercise of their profession. Sample checks are made on the declarations received pursuant to Article 71 of the aforesaid Decree of the President of the Italian Republic 445/2000. 

When requesting accompaniment services, it is therefore the responsibility of users to check that the chosen professional is compliant with the provisions of Regional Law 4/2000 with regard to insurance cover.

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