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    Welcome to the official tourist information website of the editorial office of “Rimini Riviera”.

    The tourist information website of the editorial office of “Rimini Riviera” is part of the Tourist Information System (known as SITur) of the Region of Emilia Romagna, whose main access point is through the “Emilia Romagna Turismo” portal.

    The general aim of the system is to offer tourists, operators and citizens an information service on the various places to visit, events and opportunities the region offers, guaranteeing excellent quality and constantly-updated, comprehensive and reliable news. The rules and standards have been laid down by the Region of Emilia Romagna, in agreement with the various editorial offices in the network, and are designed to facilitate users when they surf the system. Although the local editorial offices operate independently, they are coordinated by the regional editorial offices and it is up to these local offices to promote tourism resources on their territory by gathering information and putting it on line.
    All the municipalities in the Province of Rimini collaborate with the editorial office of “Rimini Riviera”.

    A province with a vocation for hospitality

    The territory of Rimini Province is a happy marriage between the traces of a great and glorious past and an extensive, efficient and ultra-modern tourist organisation, known all over the world for its hospitality and its outstanding ability to make guests feel welcome. The entire province boasts impressive accommodation facilities, including around 2,300 hotels as well as campsites, holiday farms, apartments and private houses. Throughout the year, the area attracts 3 million visitors, mainly from other parts of Italy and the main European countries. Ever since the first sea-bathing establishment was opened in 1843, the Province of Rimini has proved an ideal place for holidaymakers in search of relaxing days on the beach and in the sea, or fun and games in one of our numerous theme parks; and equally ideal for lovers of night-life, for visitors interested in the art treasures of the past, and for anyone wishing to see the historic centres of the Malatesta & Montefeltro seigneuries, all so rich in history and tradition. Because of the exceptional features of the area and its ancient vocation for hospitality, conference and business tourism has found in the Province of Rimini an ideal venue, with an ultra-modern exhibition centre and all the best structures for events and conferences.

    A View of the Territory

    The Province of Rimini covers the southern part of the Romagna region's coastline. Here the Apennines reach out as far as the sea itself, so that the hills are only a short distance from the famous sandy beaches. Distinguishing features of the land are the valleys of the Marecchia and Conca rivers; the hills now gentle, now steep and rocky; and the ancient castles, churches and villages hidden deep in the fertile green countryside. The Marecchia valley, flanked by harsh rocky hills, still guards traces of one of the earliest Italic civilisations, the Villanovians of Verucchio; the Conca valley is more gentle, although in the south towards Le Marche the countryside is more varied, cleft by bare gullies. Both the Marecchia and Conca valleys were part of the Malatesta Seigniory, and the Malatestas built fortresses and residences here, where their lands bordered those of the Montefeltro dynasty. Towering over Rimini and the Adriatic Sea stands the ancient Republic of San Marino with its towers rising from Mount Titano.