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    Rimini Riviera is going... mobile!

    A brand new smartphone-oriented navigation gives visitors the chance to find out everything they need about Rimini in real time.

    News, events and any information from the most important Riviera in Europe will be available easily through your smartphone. There’s a new way to visit Rimini and it only takes a smartphone plus access to From there anyone will be able to access Rimini related content as easily as they can on the Province’s official web site.

    Iphone, Android and most of the new smartphone devices will be compatible with the Riviera di Rimini mobile version. At their fingertips, tourists and citizens will have a clever tool to search for and experience places and events from one of the youngest and most lively cities in Italy.

    All you have to do to connect to Riviera di Rimini’s “walking version” is go to The site itself will adjust to right layout and navigation system for your phone.

    You will have the chance to browse news, headlines and the site’s other main features directly from the homepage. Menù Button will help visitors to reach other content of the site.

    An interesting innovation is provided by the “interactive maps” site navigation. This will activate topic-related icons to show specific spots near the locations you wish to explore. You can also get more content on the city’s activities and shows and match and compare local offers as well.

    Riviera di Rimini mobile awaits you with sounds and visions from one of the most lively and fascinating places on the Adriatic Coast. Browsing and interacting with the numerous image galleries will make your stay in Rimini even more exciting.