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    Where we are

    The Province of Rimini is in the Emilia Romagna (Italy), on the Adriatic coast, a unique part of Europe that has more than 40 km of uninterrupted fully equipped beaches to offer for a great vacation. The sand on the beach is very fine and the sea is not deep, so safety is not an issue. From North to South, you will find the renowned seaside resorts of Bellaria Igea Marina, Rimini, Riccione, Misano Adriatico and Cattolica.

    We are in the southernmost part of the Romagna, between the Adriatic sea and the hills of the Apennines which we share with Tuscany. To the north is the Province of Forlì-Cesena, to the west the Marche region and the Republic of San Marino.

    The area is immediately impressive with its relaxing range of different landscapes and colours: the blue line of the sea, the golden line of the beach, the soft slopes of the hills, and the intense azure of the sky.

    The most precious parts of our inland parts are known by the name of Malatesta & Montefeltro. 22 towns in two valleys full of castles, towers, monuments, museums and churches which give testimony to our bellicose past as well as to art and culture.