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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    Flatland in San Pietro in Cotto


    This is near the Conca river and is an area that has brought to light important archaeological finds dating from between the Republican age and the early Middle Ages. A centre where people had come together is recognizable, along with a system for working metal and a monumental building complex with heated rooms, mosaic-covered tub and marble panelling dating from the Republican-Imperial era on the main road. Finally various late Antique and early mediaeval settlements have been found including an ancient roadway, whose surface has undergone a series of subsequent restoration work with bricks, cobblestones and gravel.

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    Area podere Faetani
    Flatland in San Pietro in Cotto
    Area podere Faetani

    43.900656813353926; 12.585635544349657

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