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    Castel Sismondo

    Rimini - Centro storico

    The castle was commissioned in the 15th century by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta and only the central nucleus still remains. The building was conceived as both a palace and a fortress as a seat worthy of the court and garrison, and as a symbol of power and supremacy over the city.

    This fascinating building has large square towers and mighty sloping walls whose original effect, rising up from the deep moat, must have been formidable. Set in the wall between the coat of arms and the marble portal is one of the castle's dedicatory epigraphs bearing a solemn text in Latin sculpted in lapidary characters (one of the earliest examples of the "Rebirth" of classical characters).

    Now the castle, also known as 'Rocca Malatestiana', is divided into four parts connected to each other: Isotta wing, the central body of services, the large courtyard and the Maschio, the most enchanting part of the whole complex.
    his structure underwent a careful and accurate restoration with the aim of making it a permanently visitable site and a prestigious venue for artistic and cultural events.
    In 2017, work began on the construction of the Court on the sea, including the recovery of the perimeter of the ancient moat and the walls with the staircase connecting with the new Piazza Arena Francesca da Rimini.

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