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    “Il bosco della pioggia” fountain


    Located at the end of viale Ceccarini, in the thriving hub of Riccione, the sea is the backdrop to Tonino Guerra’s fountain, named “the forest of the sea....drops of water that wet one’s thoughts", Furthermore, the colours and sounds of the fountain evoke the sea.

    Created in August 2000 by glass artist Fausto Baldessarini, the fountain is a sort of invocation of the rain and the coolness it brings.  Baldessarini created six columns, in natural dark green layered glass which changes during the day, taking on a range of different shades of green under the sunlight.
    The fishing nets which complete the fountain drip rainwater. They were created in the Marche region and finished manually by Marchini Reti di Cattolica.
    Text taken from “Tonino Guerra. Poesie nel paesaggio”. Ramberti editions.

    “Il bosco della pioggia” fountain
    Piazzale Roma

    44.00288434971859; 12.661268108767672

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