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    The Perticara mine


    Perticara is part of the municipality of Novafeltria. The inhabitants in the early 20th century lived in the rhythm of a great industrial town, rather than a rural life.
    The big sulphur mine (Buga in the local dialect) that was extracting great quantities of sulphur after the Montecatini opened production in 1917 employed 1600 men.
    The sulphur found in these parts has been famous for thousands of years. It was even mentioned by the Greek historian Strabone (60 BC to 20 AD).
    From 1700 onwards, however, mining really became a big business.

    The mine closed in 1964 – just when Italy on the whole witnessed a boom period – and today, only a single point is still open and producing, the Certino, where the sulphur museum reminds us of all the men and their work. The mining residue was built into the Vittoria castle which is now restored and renovated.

    The workers' quarter "Miniera" is definitely worth a visit as well, simply because of its evocative atmosphere. It was built in the late 1800s to house the miners and still exhibits the leisure time areas, the pub and the church.


    • The biggest block of sulphur in the world was found here. It is now in the Natural History Museum in Milan.
    • It was the biggest mine in Europe and among the biggest worldwide
    • The galleries a labyrinthine and extend over more than 100 kilometres

    The Sulphur museum was founded with the support of the miners who wished to have their work remembered and give testimony to all the aspects of mining life, not only in an emotional sense, but also the historical and scientific context as well as archaeological insights into the mining industries over time.

    For opening hours and tickets please refer to the website.

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