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    Gurka cemetery


    It hosts 618 tombs of Indians and Nepalese Gurkhas.

    There was severe fighting near Rimini in the autumn of 1944 in which the 4th and 10th Indian Divisions had an important share. On 21 September 1944, the 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade entered Rimini but during the winter of 1944-45, the line was pushed very little farther forward. The site of RIMINI GURKHA WAR CEMETERY was chosen in October 1945 and graves were brought into it from the surrounding battlefields It now contains 618 Second World War burials, all of the Indian forces.

    Within the cemetery is located the Rimini Cremation Memorial. This Memorial is one of three memorials erected in Italy to officers and men of the Indian Army who were cremated. The Rimini memorial bears 172 commemorations.

    how to get there:
    the cemetery is situated 3 km far from Rimini, on the right side of the A-road SS. 72

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