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    Piazza delle Sirene, piazza I Maggio and viale Bovio


    Piazza delle Sirene is the name given by the town of Cattolica until the 1940’s to the square overlooking the sea.
    This is due to the beautiful fountain that has recently been restored and still stands in the middle of the square. The fountain, that includes three curvaceous mermaids or “sirene” sensually enveloped in cloths, was created in 1928 by the sculptor from Forli, Giuseppe Casalini who used his nineteen-year-old daughter Francesca as a model.
    The “Fontana delle Sirene” or “Mermaid Fountain” was destined to embody the town’s spirit of tourism and was built on the very site where the quarantine station, a health and customs garrison guarding the shores, stood in the nineteenth century.
    The square was where the ancient lanes marked out by the fishermen to reach the sea met. It is also where the first bathing establishment opened in 1883 and subsequently the Hotel Kursaal that was linked to the town centre by the seaside road now called via Bovio.
    This tree-lined avenue is famous for shopping.

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    Piazzale Primo Maggio
    Piazza delle Sirene, piazza I Maggio and viale Bovio
    Piazzale Primo Maggio

    43.9665136; 12.7407229

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