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    All 1560 m. of the traffic-free promenade which stretches from the harbour to piazzale San Martino, is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.
    The promenade is characterized by flowerbeds, grassy areas, plants and wooden benches for resting. A wide cycle route is all that divides the 4-star seaside hotels from the beaches. 
    The first part, which stretches 450m. from the square at the port to piazzale Roma, features fountains  of notable architectural design, in the form of a ship, a rowing boat, a palm island, a gazebo with chess, draughts and backgammon boards. The second part stretches 950 m, from piazzale Roma to piazzale San Martino, displays the same features and has several grassy areas with wooden boardwalks.
    Piazzale San Martino (4,700 m2) is where the promenade comes to an end, and in the centre of the square there is a globe made of different-coloured marble pebbles, highlighting the 44th latitude which crosses the promenade.
    The car park has not disappeared but is instead located underneath the promenade. It contains a total of 975 parking spaces, is open 24 hours a day and fitted with CCTV.

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