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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    Village of Mondaino


    Marina Gate. This is the beautiful entrance gate to the village and is attributed to modernisation work carried out on the defensive structure, which was commissioned by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. 

    Malatesta Fortress
    The Malatesta Fortress at Mondaino is built on huge sloping foundations. Both the outer walls and the north gate, bear alteration work which could be ascribed to Sigismondo Malatesta. Together they form a picturesque setting thanks also to the eye-catching nineteenth-century "square" set between them; a "square" that is actually a semi-circle surrounded by arcades.  Of particular interest is a fifteenth century painting of Our Lady, attributed to Bernardino Dolci, which is housed in the recently restored "Durantino" room. The Municipal offices and the Palaeontological Museum are housed in the fortress. 

    Piazza Maggiore
    19th century. This is perhaps the most unusual square in the Rimini area and is without doubt the most interesting dating from the nineteenth century. The architect Francesco Cosci designed this semi-circular “square”, which is defined by a neoclassical colonnade. As the village’s main road leads into this rounded area, the inhabitants affectionately refer to their square as Piazza Padella or “Frying Pan Square”.

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