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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    Village of Saludecio


    Marina Gate 14th century. This is the main entrance gate to the village and is a beautiful structure dating from the era of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. Along with many of the surrounding buildings, it gives us an idea of what the entire village fortification complex would have looked like.

    Montanara Gate
    14th century. This fortified entrance gate faces inland towards the hinterland and the foothills of the Apennines. From here, it is possible to control the boundaries with the lands of the Montefeltro dynasty, legendary rivals of the Malatesta family.
    Municipal Tower
    XIV century. Is one of the towers of medieval origin that characterize Saludecio's outline from far. On the tower is embedded the city emblem. Available for temporary exhibitions.
    Village murals
    a multicoloured and unusual open-air museum winds its way through the narrow streets and squares of the old town of Saludecio revealing 19th-century inventions: each summer murals are painted during the 800 Festival on the walls of the houses of the village (about 50 pieces) by the artists of the “Genius Loci - Ar.Per.C.” (Artistic and Environmental Cultural Association of Castellabate-Salerno). Thanks to these precious characteristics, Saludecio is now one of the main towns in AssIPaD (Italian Association of Painted Villages) and Res Tipica.

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