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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    Village of Verucchio


    At the end of the 19th century, the town hall was transferred to the Ripa family palace that overlooks Piazza Malatesta. It houses a number of precious paintings.

    “The Triumph of Galatea” and “Venus and Adonis” and are attributed to Ignazio Stern whereas the two ovals depicting female figures, called “Painting” and “Sculpture”, are attributed to the Bolognese school of Carlo Cignali (1628-1719). Also on display in the town hall is a polychrome scagliola Antependium by an artist from Verucchio. Other interesting historical palaces are:  Giungi-Morolli Palace and Bedetti Palace, also in neo-Classical style. Close by, at no. 32, Via dei Martiri, is Pecci Palace with its characteristic colonnade in front of the road; a building that is also inspired by neo-Classical style.

    Another fortress, called the Rocca dei Passerello. In the seventeenth century, the Monastery of the Monache di Santa Chiara (The Nuns of Saint Clare) was built on the remains of it. Adjacent to the fortress, the ancient entrance gate has been rebuilt using original materials after it was partly demolished in 1964. From here, a paths leads through the medieval borough and along the fortified walls of San Giorgio.

    Moat walls: from the church of San Agostino (St. Augustine’s) it is still possible to walk around the town walls. They have been well restored and now give a clear idea of the kind of defensive structures that were built during the Malatesta era.

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