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    Della Resistenza Park


    A little lake and several areas set aside for adults and children.

    The park covers a total of 110,000 square metres and boasts a huge variety of trees including oaks, cluster pines, elms, lime-trees, maples, poplars, laurels and cedars as well as more unusual trees such as ginkgo and giant sequoias, and others such as privets, dentrias, hazels and cherry laurels.
    The lake also contains a huge variety of aquatic plants.
    One large area on the southeast side of the park, which can be easily reached from Via Romagna, has been set aside especially for football enthusiasts that meet here to play on Saturdays and Sunday.

    Opening hours

    Opening period: open all year round
    Entrance: free

    Contact details

    Viale Montebianco

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    Last update: 28/02/2019