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    Marano Valley


    After the Marecchia and the Conca, the third most important waterway in the province of Rimini is the Marano.
    It forms a small valley that is of particular environmental and cultural relevance, with woody scrublands that are amongst the most important biotypes in the Rimini area, the remains of an ancient single woody curtain that once covered almost the entire area, interrupted only by the rocky outcrops and the bed of the torrent.
    The Marano rises on Mount Ghelfa (581 m above sea level), on the border with the province of Pesaro (in the municipalities of Montegrimano and Sassofeltrio) and the Republic of San Marino and winds its way to the Adriatic that it runs into after about 30km in Spontricciolo, on the border between Rimini and Riccione.
    In between it passes through the municipalities of Coriano and Montescudo, crossing gently rolling hills, wide valleys and rounded ridges covered in trees and bushes. The area has a splendid wood with common oaks, white poplars and various species of willow in Fiumicello on the border with San Marino.
    The area is part of the beautiful Marano River Park that the municipality of Coriano has set up to promote the area. Following a meandering course, the river varies in size depending on the time of year. Being a torrent it follows rainfall trends, which means that it almost dries up entirely during the summer. In the valley part of the basin - a part that ends in a very simple estuary - the waterway begins to follow a very winding course, with numerous wide bends. Coriano is the main town in the Marano valley. It is a surprising oasis of lush greenery and offers facilities  for a number of outdoor activities. The area covered by the park begins in Ospedaletto and extends to the border with San Marino. It is popular for an infinite number of activities including walking, horse riding and cycling. The area includes a lake, which is popular for angling, and several stables. There is plenty to see in the surrounding area. Along the right side of the valley, Albereto wood in the municipality of Montescudo is particularly interesting; covering 25 hectares, it is a unique environment that produces wild blackberries, mushrooms, truffles and wild asparagus. In the same village, the splendid mediaeval castle (Castrum Albareti) was one of the settlements of the Malatesta seignory and offers magnificent views of the whole Riviera of Romagna, from Milano Marittima to the promontory of Gabicce. It can be easily reached on foot, bicycle or horseback thanks to paths that link, on the one hand, the Malatesta fortress of Montescudo and the castles of the nearby municipalities following the Conca river as far as Cattolica, and the course of the Marano, on the other, crossing the municipality of Coriano as far as Riccione.
    A historical walk around the Marano in the area near Coriano reveals remains of seven mediaeval castles. The most important is the castle in the main town of Coriano, which has been extensively renovated. Other castles include Cerasolo, Passano, Mulazzano, Besanigo, Monte Tauro and Vecciano. Climbing towards the delightful old town of Montescudo, it is still possible to find traditional workshops that produce terracotta. Just a few metres across the San Marino border is Faetano lake where visitors can take part in or watch angling competitions or just spend pleasant days out, surrounded by lush greenery and unspoilt nature.

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