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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    Monte Acuto | Monte San Marco


    On the border between the municipalities of Pennabilli and Montecopiolo, it is a landscape element and a natural framework of significant environmental importance.

    This limestone relief that stands out from the summit prairies of Carpegna has had over the centuries the function of the watchtower of Montefeltro. The mountain has a pyramidal shape so characteristic that it can be seen even from very long distances. On its top, there are ruins of old artifacts, such as the monolithic quadrangular compartment that tradition says was the bed of San Marco.

    Since the thirteenth century, above Monte San Marco, there was an important castle subject to the counts of Montefeltro. Near the fortification, there was a church dedicated to San Marco. Of the castle today, there are only essential collapses.

    Tradition has it that, inside the church, there was "the bed of the Pope," a giant boulder (here called Genga) dug to form a rectangular basin.

    On the bottom of the pool, still, today, is visible an engraved cross, already a pilgrimage destination in the seventeenth century, as can be seen from some chronicles of the time. The path to reach the mysticism of the "Pope's Bed" (or Saint Mark's Bed) starts from an expanse of pebbles: landslide debris and quarry debris at this relief; until a few decades ago, there was an active quarry. Fortunately, it has failed to affect the archaeological area on the summit.


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    Monte San Marco

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