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    Monte Aquilone

    Novafeltria - Perticara

    It is possible to climb to the peak of the Monte Aquilone, in Perticara, in the municipality of Novafeltria, which is 883 metres above sea level. Pre-historical artefacts and archaeological material have been found in its chestnut wood, including flint stones, fragments of ceramics and Roman brooches and coins. It is extremely popular with climbers thanks to its beautiful south-east facing rock face and also with flying, paragliding and hang-gliding enthusiasts.

    The Devil’s Boulder is the name of one of the characteristic rocks on Mount Aquilone; it had fallen from the rocky base on which it stood for millennia, but has since been repositioned there.

    The legend surrounding this odd boulder claims it is the last stone left here on the devil’s whim and that it had been destined to be used to build Tiberius’ Bridge in Rimini.

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