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    Castle of Monteboaggine

    The name Monteboaggine means "mountain of the oxen'' due to the grazing of cattle that since ancient times has been practiced in this territory. Today it includes the villages of Calvillano, Ville, Cisterna, Capraia, Case Nanni, Serra Nanni, Ponte Conca, Cacciamarra, and the Hermitage of the Madonna del Faggio, with the sanctuary, destination of many pilgrims and the presence of modern ski facilities.

    A gem of this place is the ancient castle of Monteboaggine, of which today remains the bell tower and some traces of the old village and the church. From the castle (964 m. above sea level), you can see the surrounding mountains and valleys to the sea. Before reaching the castle, on the right, there is a small cemetery in use until the 40s and a chapel.

    Historical evidence about Monteboaggine is already in the fourteenth century. The Counts of Montefeltro owned it, then passed it to the Dukes of Urbino, and entered the State of the Church in 1631. After a period of confusion in the Napoleonic era, with the restoration, in 1816, Monteboaggine lost its autonomy and administration, becoming supported by the current Municipality of Montecopiolo.

    The inhabitants of Monteboaggine, as in past centuries, are mainly engaged in work related to the land and breeding; for what concerns the agricultural products, the potato of Monteboaggine is renowned: a tuber rediscovered for some years thanks to the studies of the CRA of Monsampolo del Tronto (AP).

    The characteristics of the potato are unmistakable: it is conserved for a long time and "never overcooks", ideal for gnocchi but excellent in all recipes. As for the breeding, the local farms deal with cattle (not to deny the tradition of the name) and pigs and sell their meat far beyond the borders of Montefeltro. Until a few decades ago, transhumance was very common: from Monteboaggine, many shepherds left with their herds in October, especially towards the Maremma, to return in June of the following year.

    Monteboaggine is the ideal place to spend a fresh summer and a winter in the snow. For lovers of winter sports,  it is a must to reach the ski slopes of the Hermitage. Being part of the "Sasso Simone and Simoncello Regional Park, various itineraries have been prepared that include a visit to the castle of Monteboaggine and the peaks of the Hermitage.

    The Park Authority has created in Calvillano the Environmental Education Center, a hiking refuge for mountain lovers.

    As in many small villages, the inhabitants of Monteboaggine are significantly linked to their origins and the territory, which has not had significant upheavals or changes over the years. What the author Guerrieri wrote about Monteboaggine (1606-1676) fits perfectly even today: "...although I painted you that place perhaps more 'rustic than the others; nevertheless I want you to know that, from those rude and virtuous men, worthy of praiseworthy memory, sour hovels came out and come out.

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