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    The province of Rimini is a treasure trove waiting to bediscovered and won’t disappoint.

    Many know Rimini thanks to its wonderfulsea and beaches, but not everyone knows what lies behind the Riviera and that is worth visiting for its nature alone, the aspect we will focus on, without mentioning its history, monuments and art.

    Anyone visiting the area - either on foot, on horseback or bybicycle - will be pleasantly surprised and charmed by the beauty of its landscapes, its delightful profiles, its infinite horizons and its wealth of blossoms and varieties of trees and fauna, for the joy of those who lovebird-watching in particular.

    The area has two main valleys, flanked by smaller ones thatare no less interesting. One of the former is the valley created by the Marecchia River. It is magnificent, with wood-covered mountain ridges and rocky crags that are ideal for climbing. The river has beaches, wide expanses of cobblestones, scrubland that reaches down to the water’s edge and waves to delight canoeists.

    Mountains, where it is possible to practice free climbing or hang-gliding, dominate the horizon in the background and downy oaks, Turkey oaks, chestnut trees and holm oaks abound. In the first millennium there was less woodland here, with the hills covered with torrents that flowed into the Marecchia River that had such a wide riverbed and numerous islets the Romans called it Maricula or small sea.

    We can have some idea thanks to the backdrops painted by great artists like Piero della Francesca and Leonardo da Vinci, who came through here on their way to courts that commissioned their work. The other main valley was created by the Conca River. It is a wide and attractive valley whose gently-rolling slopes are covered ingeometrically laid out vineyards, with hidden branches that lead visitors towards fields and wood-covered hills. Here too there are ancient chestnut groves that still bear abundant and delicious produce in late autumn.

    The small Ventena Valley offers glimpses of striking beauty,whilst the Marano Valley has lakes that are open for fishing and an explosionof lush greenery, with scrubland and thickets that boast important biotypes, the remains of ancient woodlands. Look carefully and all around the valley are hundred-year-oldmonumental trees, from which it is possible to draw great energy, as well aslush spontaneous flora and blossoms as beautiful as they are rare. The air is filled with the fragrance of orchids, broom, dog roses and infinite other species.

    Every hilly or mountain area has something to attract visitors -from the laziest to the most reckless - providing they invest at least a little ingetting to know it and that’s exactly what we hope to stimulate with this tale.

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