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    Public beaches



    Public beach areas with facilities:
    The free public beaches equipped with facilities, WC for disable, showers, gangways for wheelchairs and lifeguards, are 4:
    Piazzale Boscovich, San Giuliano: from the new Dock to the first equipped beach, Miramare: from Bagno 150 to Talassoterapico (Rimini spa). From the area reserved for the aviation corps to the borderline with Riccione.

    On the public free beach nearby the Boscovich square (harbour area) has been opened in August 2011 a new field for playing "bocce" (the traditional Italian game with small boules). The field, 20 x 3 meters, offers the opportunity for tourists and citizens to enjoy the sea while playing "bocce".

    Since July 2014, also an active beach chair service for people with disabilities is available at the free beach in Piazzale Boscovich (Rimini's canal harbour). The service proposed by the Associazione Gatto rosso e Gatto nero di Rimini, makes available a beach chair (chair Sole Mare) of the orthopedic shop Adjutor, at the end of the walkway, in order to allow people in wheelchairs to reach the water and also have a swim. The service is available for 2 days a week: Tuesday from 9:30 to 13:00 and Friday from 9:30 to 13:00. The service is free. 
    For information and reservations on other days please call 320-0953596 (Monica Franchini)

    Public beach areas without facilities:
    Northern Beach Area
    Rivabella : between the Marecchia river deviation and Beach n° 1 
    Viserbella: between Villa Salus and Beach 58
    Viserbella: between Beach 71 and 72
    Torre Pedrera: btween Beach 76 and the border line with Bellaria
    Southern Beach Area
    Beach in front of Colonia ENEL - Rivazzurra between Beach 106 - 108
    Beach in front of Colonia Bolognese - Miramare, the Riminiterme (Spa) area
    Marebello: between Beach 105 and 106
    Rivazzurra: area behind Bagni 109 - 110
    Miramare: between Beach 139 and 140
    Rivazzurra: between the garden and beach entrances

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    Arenili demaniali vari / Various bathing establishments
    Public beaches
    Arenili demaniali vari / Various bathing establishments

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