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    The beach of the Rimini Riviera

    It is on the beach of the Rimini Riviera that you have to be if you want to have a holiday rich in emotion. Many friendships have been formed here, and love stories have begun. Every one who has been there has some memory of an unforgettable event, something that happened on that beach, in that bathing area, on such a day or in such a year. It is a beach that pulls at your heartstrings, obliging you to return.

    It is a beach of the finest golden sand, and therefore a first choice especially for families with children. The youngest find a place where the fun never ends. Many beach areas have special playground areas reserved for them. And when they feel like taking a splash, there is nothing to worry about either: the shallow water and slow slopes into the water have made the Adriatic a place where generations of Italians and other European children have learnt so swim. Beach umbrellas, sunshades and deck chairs can be rented in the official beach areas where you also find everything else that makes the stay on the seafront a pleasure. There are many cafes and food stalls where you can get a drink, an ice-cream or a snack if you prefer not to have a big lunch. The boss on the beach is the “bagnino” who helps you with everything you need and often becomes a friend and advisor.

    The sea in the early morning when the beach umbrellas are still closed and the sands are more or less deserted. These are moments in which you can actually hear the sea sighing. Very early risers will have the emotional experience of seeing the sun slowly rise out of the Adriatic but it is just as moving to stay out late on the beach in the evening after a day in the scorching sunshine and enjoy the breeze and the sea at rest.

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    Last update: 27/02/2019