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    The sea on the Riviera di Rimini

    The Adriatic is the sea rolling up the shores of the Riviera di Rimini, allowing us many refreshing dips into the water during the summer season.

    From Bellaria Igea Marina to Cattolica there are 40 km of sea which are in total about 800 km long.
    The water is shallow and the ground sandy, so it is nice, agreeable and safe to take a bath, especially for children – obviously, always with parents nearby to watch over them.  Only far out on the open sea, the water can be somewhat deeper, a modest 100 m, while the depth in the south can be up to 1200m.

    The water is constantly monitored for its suitability for bathing. The Struttura Oceanografica Daphne run by the Agenzia Regionale Prevenzione Ambiente (ARPA) is responsible for this and publishes weekly news bulletins.

    Around 1950, erosion was first noticed around here, and some of the tourist places had to place breakwater barriers (made of big rocks) which over time made it possible to keep the water back and increase the beach areas. The beaches as we see them today are the result of a long period of careful building, attention and investment.

    The Adriatic Sea around Rimini is generous and rich in fish. Considerable numbers of fishing boats even today leave the port every morning and return after some hours with anchovies, mantis shrimp, mullets, gobies, striped bream, plaice, cod, mackerel, cuttlefish, sole, mullet and scaldfish to sell them fresh in the local fish markets .
    Apart from fish, there are also clams, snails, pelican’s foot (garagolo in dialect), mussels, scallops, cockles etc.


    • When the Serenissima (Venice) was one of the major players in the Adriatic, this part of the Mediterranean was called the gulf of Venice, and on some marine maps from Venice the sea is actually called our channel, as if it was just the continuation of the Canale Grande in Venice.
    • If you go straight out from the Riviera di Rimini, you'll arrive in Croatia after about 130 km (linear distance).
    • Until about 200 years ago, the Adriatic Sea, especially the northern part, still was home to large predatory fish like shark, manta ray, tuna. When they disappeared, the populations of smaller kinds of fish as they are fished nowadays grew.

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