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    Along the ridges of the Gothic Line in mb


    Distance km 22,40
    difficulty medium
    overall gradient m 1.455

    particular gradients: Il Capannino climb 4,7%-max 20%, Via Casicchio descent 8,9%-max 18%

    uphill gradient m 729
    downhill gradient m 726
    asphalt stretches km 5,4
    dirt track stretches km 7

    This bike trail runs along the Gothic line where so many bloody battles took place and leads through the territory of Coriano and Montecolombo. The course is all ups and downs and starts on Mazzini square in Coriano, at the Castelleale castle which you leave on your right hand side. Follow the dirt road to the castle of San Savino. Then, through vineyards, grain fields and groves of olive trees, ride towards the road from Croce to Montecolombo. From here, you descend for about 1 km, and then the road goes up and down until it reaches Coriano after less than 8 km. The castles of Montecolombo and Montescudo are well worth a visit.

    Km 0,00 Downhill turn left Via Lavatoio straight at junction 0.25 km
    Km 0,35 Straight on Via Ca’ Chiarzi then at 0.68 km uphill keep right
    Km 0,83 Turn left uphill at the exit 0.96 km turn right asphalt
    Km 1,12 Turn left Via Vicinale Flaminia Conca at junction at 1.8 km left on gravel
    Km 2,01 Exit Via Vicinale Scaricalasino on asphalt right then at 2.7 km left Via Saline
    Km 3,75 Keep right at junction uphill on asphalt at 4.35 km exit Via Saline right
    Km 4,42 village Castelleale Turn left on dirt track at 5.28 km junction left
    Km 5,56 At junction straight uphill at 6.1 km exit onto asphalt right
    Km 7,44 Exit Via Delle Fonti right Via Ca’ Amino at 7.6 km straight keep right to traffic lights
    Km 7,79 village San Savino Exit at San Savino Castle (Fattoria del Piccione)
    Km 8,21 Turn left at 8.95 km exit onto asphalt left downhill
    Km 9,19 Keep right, at the bottom up left uphill
    Km 11,70 Turn right at 12.2 km right
    Km 12,70 Town Montecolombo Turn left at 12.8 km cross ditch on bridge then right and left uphill
    Km 13,00
    Arrival at “Il Capannino” at 13.6 km exit on asphalt right
    Km 13,72 Turn right at 14.1 km, opposite “Zio Monti” farm, right downhill on asphalt
    Km 14,55 Right into field at 15.1 km end of descent cross road and continue straight on dirt track
    Km 15,40 Keep right straight at 16.05 km exit on asphalt right
    Km 16,60 At the junction left at 16.86 km junction right
    Km 17,59 At the junction straight left at 17.8 km junction right downhill
    Km 18,86 At the bottom right then left at 18.75 km turn right
    Km 19,03 Turn right (“Ordine e Vita” Farm) at 19.35 km left
    Km 19,40 Turn right at 19.6 km straight over small bridge
    Km 20,06 Turn left at 20.68 km exit on asphalt left
    Km 21,12Turn right at 21.50 km right
    Km 21,74 Turn left at 22.01 km
    Km 22,40 Arrival in Coriano (Piazza Mazzini)

    Contact details

    piazza Mazzini
    Along the ridges of the Gothic Line in mb
    piazza Mazzini

    43.964407; 12.602716999999984

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