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    From village to village in mb


    Distance 30 km

    Asphalt stretches 10 km

    Dirt track stretches 20 km

    • The itinerary begins at the new wooden footbridge in the centre of Rimini. 
    • From the right bank (north) of the Marecchia River it heads towards the hills on a dirt track along the riverbank as far as the suburbs of the town. 
    • Just outside the town there is a factory that excavates, crushes, stores and transports river shingle and sand. 
    • At the end of a short stretch shared with lorries, a more demanding piece begins. 
    • The earth and river stone terrain makes for a fun ride. 
    • The itinerary follows the main track. Cyclists should never take the tracks on the left, which lead to the river, unless they wish do some bird watching. 
    • After almost 8 km there is a clearing with an abandoned crusher. 
    • The itinerary then leads to the “Mutoids” field (the mutoids are a group of foreign, nomadic artists). 
    • Beyond the field and the remains of an old bridge over the river, the track swerves right and then heads onto the asphalt road to Santarcangelo. 
    • Turn left onto the asphalt road for about a km and at the first roundabout turn left. 
    • At the second roundabout, cross the road and head right on the cycle path that leads to the centre of Santarcangelo. 
    • Follow the same cycle path for the return journey, cross the Marecchia River over Via Santarcangelo/San Martino dei Mulini Bridge. 
    • Turn right after the bridge and head right onto the cycle path. 
    • Cycle towards the sea as far as Rimini.

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