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    Mushrooms and Truffles in the Undergrowth

    Travelling along paths in the hills of Rimini, especially insummer and autumn, visitors may come across people, either in groupsor alone, and some with dogs. It is easy to imagine that those with dogsare looking for truffles as they grow abundantly here, particularly blacktruffles although precious white truffles can also be found. The latter, attimes of famine, were almost like gold dust, as the prices paid at stalls atthe many local fairs, such as the famous National White Truffle Fair held in Sant’Agata Feltria every Sunday in October, would suggest.

    Mondaino also dedicates an autumnal fair called FossaCheese, Truffles and Cerere to this famous tuber and not only. The precious Tuber Magnatum is usually celebrated on the third Sunday in November.

    For mushroom pickers too these areas are a haven, with awealth of varieties ranging from common Porcini mushrooms, Caesar’smushrooms, honey mushrooms, parasol mushrooms and clavaria to rarerones such as spring varieties like the famous St. George’s mushroom. A fairdedicated to the latter has been held in Miratoio di Pennabilli for almost 30years.

    As well as mushrooms and truffles the area also has plentiful wildasparagus, bladder campion, rampion, borage, mallow, poppy stems andlots of beneficial wild herbs.

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    Last update: 16/03/2017