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    16 things not to miss in Pennabilli


    Built in the 16th century to mark the transfer of the Bishop’s see from San Leo to Pennabilli, it dominates Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, which is overlooked by Palazzo della Ragione, built by the Medici seignory and with the Peace Fountain at the centre; a fountain built on the spot where the union of the castles of Penna and Billi was signed.

    Convent of the Augustinian Sisters
    Built in the 16th century on the site of the ancient castle of Billi.

    Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie 11th - 15th century
    Housed in the former Augustinian church of San Cristofero it has a flamboyant Gothic fresco of the Madonna Enthroned with Child that became miraculous when it shed tears for the first time on the third Friday of March 1489, since then known as “Beautiful Friday”.

    Village of San Rocco
    It deserves a visit to see the gate of the same name, Palazzo del Bargello, the Oratory and Hospital of Santa Maria della Misericordia, the ruins of the Malatesta castle and the lookout point.

    Mateureka Calculus Museum
    Houses instruments, ideas and concepts of one of the most fascinating adventures of human thought and is one of the most popular Italian museums for school visits.

    The Places of the Soul diffused museum
    Crosses the whole village and continues into the upper valley. It was created based on an idea by the poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra and is a particularly evocative site.

    The World of Tonino Guerra Museum
    In the marvellous setting of the basement of the Oratory of Santa Maria della Misericordia, it has a collection of work, books and films by the poet Tonino Guerra. 

    Naturalistic Museum
    This is the museum and visitors’ centre of the Sasso Simone and Simoncello Nature Reserve, set up to protect the inter-regional territory of extraordinary natural and landscape importance, characterized by hills, fields, pastures and birch, turkey oak and conifer woods.

    “A. Bergamaschi” Diocesan Museum of the Montefeltro
    A new layout for works of sacred art from all over the diocese opportunely saved from neglect and abandon. These include precious canvases by Il Centino and Cagnacci.

    Romanesque church of St. Peter in Messa
    Built in the village of Ponte Messa in the 12th century it has been a sacred place since prehistorical times and a strategic point for the Roman Iter Tiberinus.

    At the entrance to the village, the 12th-century monastic church of Sant’Agostino has a remarkable Gothic portal and ancient frescoes. It houses the relics of the Blessed Rigo da Miratoio, an Augustinian hermit who died in 1347. Its famous ancient caves and grottoes are extremely curious.

    Bascio Tower
    A solitary 12th-century construction with a square base,it stands on the hill overlooking the village. At its base are the carpets that make up one of Tonino Guerra’s Places of the Soul: the Petrified Garden.

    Andreuccio Lake
    The landscape of Soanne is particularly enchanting,thanks also to this delightful lake. The village has ruins of numerous mills celebrated by the poet Tonino Guerra.

    Ruins of the splendid 16th-century Palazzo dei Carpegna overlook the village.

    Church of Santa Maria dell’Oliva and Franciscan Monastery
    In Maciano, this is a beautiful Renaissance complex. The church dates from 1529 and was entrusted to the Franciscans in 1552 who built the monastery alongside it.

    Maciano Tower
    This 14th-century cylindrical tower is all that remains of the imposing castral defensive bulwark, once the residence of the Bishop and destroyed by Federico da Montefeltro in 1458.

    Taken from Malatesta & Montefeltro: a journey through the hills of Rimini

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