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    6 things not to miss in Maiolo


    Maiolo Fortress
    Its strategic position means it has lost none of its charm. It bears witness to an intense period in the Middle Ages and Renaissance when it was a defensive bulwark. Yet it met a tragic end, as did the village that stood on the slopes of the mountain. Ruins of two towers with irregular base remain and give an ideaof its imposing structure and impervious location. Although it is accessible to everyone, its steep sides make it ideal for climbers. The entire archaeological site and ravines below are extremely interesting and have been recognized by the European Communityas a BioItaly protected zone, with over 600 plant types recorded.

    Church of Santa Maria di Antico
    Beyond Ponte Baffoni is the village of Antico and this temple, with essential lines adorned by a delightful portal and elegant rose window. Dedicated to OurLady of Graces it welcomes the faithful with the loving embrace of a compassionate Madonna - a 15th-century high-relief - on the entrance lunette. Inside is the unexpected delight of a glazed ceramic Madonna and Child by Andrea or Luca della Robbia.

    Church of Sant’Apollinare
    In the village of Poggio, it was built based on the early 15th-century churches of San Leo. After a landslide in the 18th century, the small temple became part of a larger church dedicated to St. Blaise. Bearing witness to its age are the stone apse and the fresco contained therein of a Madonna Enthroned with Child, Angels and Saints.

    Church of San Rocco
    Situated on the north side of the rocky spur, it hosts scout groups and other visitors. Inside it has a precious 16th century fresco. A delightful foot path leads from here to the fortress.

    The bread ovens
    These can be found all over by following road signs. They should ideally be visited during the Bread Festival at the end of June when they are all open.

    Antico Castle and Church of San Giovanni Battista
    Standing in one of the most panoramic places, these are extraordinary lookout posts over the valley. The church houses various works of art including a 15th-century wooden statue.

    Taken from Malatesta & Montefeltro: a journey through the hills of Rimini

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