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    6 things not to miss in Morciano di Romagna

    Morciano di Romagna

    Remains of the Abbey of St. Gregory 11th century
    On the roadto Cattolica, about two kilometres from the centre, it is situated on the right bank of the Conca whose valley was a religious and economic benchmark. Fairs were once held in its cloister. It lost some importance after the Napoleonic troops closed it in 1797. The few remains of walls have been incorporated in more recent buildings, but the structure of the monastery founded by St. Pier Damiani in 1061 is still visible.

    Wing Beat by Arnaldo Pomodoro
    In Piazza Boccioni at the centre of the fountain, a sculpture by the famous contemporary artist Arnaldo Pomodoro, born in Morciano. He dedicated it to the futurist artist Umberto Boccioni who also has local origins.

    Church of San Michele Arcangelo 18th century
    This is the town’s parish church and is situated in the old town on piazza Umberto I. It was built in 1794 after the original church had been destroyed by floods.

    Chapel of the Blessed Virgin 18th century
    Situated in front ofthe parish church, this is a small chapel with an octagonal-shaped interior.

    Piazza del Popolo
    Shaded by tall pine trees, it was once quite large and hosted fairs and markets until the town hall, with a watch tower and central balcony with scrolls, was built here. At the centre, there is a fountain dating from 1901 portraying Mercury and lion-like masks.

    Evidence of their presence in the area since ancient times - in 1662 the Conca river powered sixty-six - is provided by some fine examples of great historical interest. These include Malatesta Mill and Rossi Mill, also built by the lords of Rimini, whilst others can be found in nearby municipalities.

    Taken from Malatesta & Montefeltro: a journey through the hills of Rimini

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