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    7 things not to miss in a San Clemente

    San Clemente

    Church of San Clemente
    Built in 1836 on the 14th-century monastery church, of which a few traces remain in the interior, it has a single nave adorned with columns and houses a canvas of the Holy Family by Giovanni Battista Costa, an interesting Rimini-born 18th-century artist. The main altar is in scagliola with a statue of St. Clement. The right chapel is dedicated to the Crucifix and the one opposite tothe Holy Family. Under the presbytery there is a cistern dating from1370 called the “Friars’ Well”.

    Piazza Mazzini
    The only road through the old town leads here and the square is overlooked by the parish church, the town hall and the entrance gate to the Baroque municipal tower, with a plaque dedicated to the poet Giustiniano Villa, one of the fathers of local dialectal poetry.

    Walls and bastions
    Remains from the Malatesta period are still present and included in the urban fabric of San Clemente. The walls with polygonal bastions still embrace the centre and give it its mediaeval identity.

    Agello, fortified farm
    Another tiny but noteworthy fortified village surrounded by beautiful countryside. Closed and isolated, it is at the bottom of the slope on which the main town stands. The “Tombadi Agello” was first mentioned in the 14th century.

    Here there are “houses with workshops” and small, plainhouses with just a couple of rooms, as was tradition.

    Taken from Malatesta & Montefeltro: a journey through the hills of Rimini

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