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    7 things not to miss in Talamello


    Chapel (known as the cemetery chapel)
    A votive chapel commissioned by Bishop Giovanni Seclani in 1437, it is completely frescoed by one of the most famous artists of the period Antonio Alberti from Ferrara. The back wall shows scenes of the Annunciation and the Madonna Enthroned. On the cross vaults are the four Evangelists and in the corners the Doctors of the Church. In just a few square metres is most of the history of the Church; an extraordinary visual document and a rare and splendid late-Gothic example.

    Church of San Lorenzo
    Dating from the 17th century and on the main square, it houses a fine 14th-century Crucifix for some time thought to be by Giotto, but since attributed to one of his scholars, Giovanni da Rimini. The church also has a 15th-century polychrome wooden Madonna with Child and another 16th-century wooden Crucifix.

    Palazzo Rusticucci
    One of the most beautiful residences in the centre, its main architectural feature are its battlements, hence its nickname the castle.

    “The Splendour of Reality” Gualtieri Museum and Art Gallery
    It is housed in the former Amintore Galli Theatre, named after the composer of the Inno dei Lavoratori born in Talamello, formerly the mediaeval church of Sant’Antonio Abate. It houses 40 pieces - a selection of both small and large oil paintings on canvas - donated to the town by internationally-renowned local artist Fernando Gualtieri.

    Mount Pincio
    Covered in age-old pine forests and chestnut woods it is popular for excursions and outdoor activities such as hanggliding and paragliding. Numerous paths climb the mountain offering walkers stunning views that span from the peaks of the Apennines in the Marche and on the Tuscany-Romagna border to the Adriatic Sea.

    Ditches for “Ambra di Talamello”
    Unusual but fascinating holes dug into the sandstone where the alchemic transformation of Fossa cheese takes place during its three-month burial (from August toNovember).

    Rock Garden
    A park created by recovering a quarry that is considered a leading example thanks to its achievements in terms of both the environment and tourism.

    Taken from Malatesta & Montefeltro: a journey through the hills of Rimini

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