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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    8 things not to miss in Montecolombo

    Montescudo - Montecolombo

    Old town
    The village has a clearly mediaeval structure and its system of ancient gateways is particularly interesting. Access must have been extremely tough due to an initial crenelleted barrier controlled by a solid, circular tower and a clock tower. The second barrier had a lancet archway that leads into the village. Also worth noting are the walls, now surrounded by dense vegetation.

    Public washing troughs
    There are two magnificent examples of these ancient structures, which have been carefully restored. These were places where people used to socialize, as well as being indispensible for the community. The first has an “overflow” structure, due to tubs placed at decreasing heights and is just outside the village along an attractive path of flint stone steps. Called Via Acquabona it is of mediaeval origin and links the villa and the village. The second dates from 1874 and is in the outlying village of Taverna.

    Church of San Martino This is the parish church and houses a beautiful 18th-century painting of St. Martin by Brancaleoni.

    Palazzo Orlandi-Contucci
    Dating from the 16th century, but renovated in the 19th century it was once the keep of the castle that was the residence of the captain of the military garrison and local lord. In the 18th century it became the property of the Contucci family, originally from Montecolombo. From the end of the 19th century onwards, the family had no more male heirs, but their name was saved by the descendents, starting with the last son-in-law who was related to Giacomo Leopardi. It is the second largest building in the old town after the one that houses the town hall.

    Town hall
    This is in one of the most imposing buildings in the old town, with a wing that dates from the 18th century. Facing west, the new wing was once a church dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow.

    Castle of San Savino
    In the village of the same name, it stands ona ridge road that leads to Rimini. It is a beautiful village with some interesting buildings and castle walls.

    Taverna and Osteria Nuova
    As it was an ancient tradition in the separts, there are still ceramic workshops open in these two small villages where potters have always produced terracotta pots and pans, crockery and containers that can still be purchased.

    Monte Colombo Lake This is where the Associazione Dare and the Leo Amici Foundation are based. The Ragazzi del Lago or “Guysfrom the Lake” as they call themselves, manage a holiday farm, anorganic farm, a top-level hotel resort with medical centre and spa, a restaurant and a theatre that stages great musicals each year. The community also has an art academy, a recording studio and two theatre companies; as well as a professional company, Carlo Tedeschi, the Italian actor and director who guides the young people, has set up another one with academy students. Until thirty years ago there was only a lake here whereas today there is a village, the Piccolo Paese del Lago or “a small village in a world of its own” as the young people call it. It was founded thanks to the work of Leo Amici. He was born near Rome and was a lay Catholic with great faith. After having held meetings throughout Italy and overseas and helping hundreds of people, he ended up here in the early 1980s to give life to his dream -to found a village dedicated to love, peach and brotherhood. He diedhere in 1986.

    Taken from Malatesta & Montefeltro: a journey through the hills of Rimini

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