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    9 things not to miss in Casteldelci


    Ponte Vecchio
    At the foot of the village, it indicates the only entrance to the old town until the carriage road was constructed. Built in wood at the time of the Romans, it was then only the second bridge in the Marecchia valley, after Tiberius’ Bridge in Rimini. Of mediaeval origin and with a single span it blends with the river landscape and the sandstone outcrops. Visitors cross it for a pleasant walk towards the old town.

    Bell tower
    Situated in the village, it dates from the 12th century and had a defensive role. It then became the bell tower of the nearby church of St. Martin.

    “S. Colarieti” House and Museum, “Uguccione della Faggiola” Archaeological Museum
    This is a typical intimate 16th century mountain residence with a fireplace and bread oven. In a renewed museum layout, it displays exhibits from prehistoric and protohistoric times, as well as others from the Roman era and the Middle Ages.

    Village of Poggio Calanco
    A characteristic village of stone houses that can only be reached on foot and that stands in an extraordinarily picturesque position. It has been abandoned, which merely adds to its charm.

    The village is near the spring of the stream of the same name. The façade of the former town hall bears the coat of arms duke Federico unveiled in 1474 to seal his rule.

    In the past this was called Gattaia, from the Celtic “Gat” or wood and its castle built in 1145 was the property of the Counts ofCarpegna until 1817, even though it was involved in the battles between the Malatesta and Montefeltro. It has ancient origins; indeed, it was inhabited as early as the second Iron Age and numerous artefacts have been found, along side Roman ones. The village is intact and behind it visitors are treated to unique panoramic views. It is characterized by a tower, all that remains of the castle defences and now the church tower, named after Our Lady of the Snows. Built in the 16th century on an existing construction, little remains of the original structure.

    Not far from Gattara, this is a small village of sandstone houses with a fascinating mediaeval layout.

    This quiet village has not forgotten its past; a massacre took place here when German soldiers struck with unprecedented violence on 7 April 1944 murdering local women and children and burning their houses. The reason for this retaliation was presumed hospitality given to partisans or failure to report their presence. In memory of the event an association Il Borgo della Pace (The Villageof Peace) was founded here in 2004 and Casteldelci was awarded an Italian Medal for Civil Merit for this reason.

    Ponte Otto Martiri
    Thus called in reference to the Nazi massacre that took place nearby in 1944. It stands in the Tuscan oasis that is part of the municipality of Badia Tedalda, not far from where the Senatello flows into the Marecchia river.

    Taken from Malatesta & Montefeltro: a journey through the hills of Rimini

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