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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    The Places of Memory

    The province’s museum system has focused heavily on therelationship between anthropology and technology with several museumsdedicated to their land of origin.

    Popular culture, traditions, customs, dailylife, work and technological development are the themes tackled, withfocus on both scientific rigour as well as attractions.

    Four museums centreon the agricultural world

    Thanks to these exposition spaces, visitors can enter a universethat is often unknown, even though it dates from a fairly recent past.

    Seeing the artefacts and the real or reconstructed settings is a fascinating way toexperience the relationship with the land, the meaning of daily gesturesand hard work and the beliefs and customs that our grandparents hungonto until about 40-50 years ago when they were supplanted by modernlife.

    This is a world that in the Rimini area, particularly along the coast,has been modified by changes to the economy and by a mentality that hasfocused on the rapid development of the seaside industry.

    Taken from Natural Environment and landscapes in the territory of Rimini

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