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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    The waterway that produced energy, tour in Valmarecchia

    Poggio Torriana

    Thanks to its position, with hills descending to the river, Poggio Berni has the peculiarity of boasting some ancient mills that are fortunately still in working order.

    Once extremely common, many mills have been turned into residential buildings or have been destroyed, but the area still has more than elsewhere.

    Two are still in working order and one has been turned into a museum narrating the history of places that were once so important to the local community.

    These buildings were powered by water drawn from ditches adjacent to the Marecchia river and used to mill wheat and other grains to obtain various types of flour. As mentioned, they were once fundamental not only from an economic point of view, but also in anthropological and social terms as many farming activities and rites were linked to them.

    • In order to understand just how much of an architectural and technological masterpiece mills are, suffice to visit Sapignoli Mill, 97 which is now home to the Molinology Museum and houses a children’s library. It is surrounded by a delightful park designed to host visits and parties.

    Seeing the water push through the gear mechanism, the millstone turn and the flour fall is like taking a journey into the past, whilst the large portico and thick walls remind us that what was produced here gave the community its livelihood and had to be well protected.

    • Moroni Mill can also be visited, subject to booking at the municipal offices. It has a fully-functioning mechanism that has been operational since 1955.

    The water from the river that once powered five mills comes along what is known as Viserba canal. Although, as mentioned, few mills are in working order, the signs of their presence or what remains of them, indicate recurring types throughout the Marecchia valley.  

    Taken from "Malatesta & Montefeltro"

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    The waterway that produced energy, tour in Valmarecchia
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