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    Parish churches

    The spread of Christianity led to the building of numerous parish churches.
    Called pieve, from plebs, in other words for the community, they were built along the main roads. Although many are mentioned in mediaeval documents, few remain. The oldest is the parish church of Santarcangelo di Romagna, dedicated to the Archangel Michael.
    A kilometre from the town, it has all the characteristics of 6th-century Ravenna-Byzantine art. Villa Verucchio is home to the Romanesque-Gothic parish church of San Martino and in San Leo the 11th-century parish church dedicated to the Our Lady of the Assumption was built on a structure that was at least two centuries old, as indicated in the ciborium of Duke Orso, who commissioned it, where it is cited along with the construction period, between 881 and 882.
    Also along the Marecchia river is the late 12th-century Romanesque parish church of San Pietro in Ponte Messa in Pennabilli.

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