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    Other figures that have been given the title of blessed include Giovanni Gueruli, Gregorio Celli and Bionda da Verucchio (from Verucchio), Alessio Monaldi (from Riccione), Simone Balacchi (from Santarcangelo), Cipriano Mosconi (from Saludecio), Enrico Ungaro (from Passano di Coriano), the aforementioned Augustinian Rigo da Miratoio and the Franciscan Matteo da Bascio, founder of the Capuchin Order. Small and large chapels or sometimes just altars in the parish churches of their native villages house their relics and recall their life. Often their cult is based on popular legends and founded on rural religious devotion. The same happened for old saints from both dioceses in the territory, Arduino and Chiara from Rimini, and ancient patrons like Saints Innocence, Gaudenzo, Julian and Leo. Even in modern times, this part of southern Romagna has given birth to men and women who lived exemplary lives and whose holy actions and deeds are well documented compared to their predecessors: brother Pio Campidelli, sister Elisabetta Renzi, born in Saludecio, sister Bruna Pellesi and engineer Alberto Marvelli, venerable Carla Ronci and the servants of God sisters Angela Molari, Faustina Zavagli and Sandra Sabbatini are awaiting proclamation of sainthood.

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