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    Sanctuaries were often built to honour those who had been so pious in life to earn the title of “blessed”.
    This happened in Saludecio where Amato Ronconi was born (13th century). He was a Franciscan tertiary and his body is venerated in the right chapel of the parish church of San Biagio, built at the end of the 18th century on a wave of enthusiasm following his official beatification (in 1776). It became a sanctuary in 1930. His cult was confirmed by Pope Pius VI who granted him the title of blessed on 17 April 1776 and his feast day is recorded in the “Martyrologium Romanum” as 8 May. The sanctuary dedicated to his memory is part of the Museum of Saludecio and the Blessed Amato. From the 13th century onwards there are reports of the miracles he performed for the devout who invoked his help. Built during Napoleonic occupation, the new temple has housed the mortal remains of the monk since September 1804 and has always attracted numerous pilgrims. Since 3 May 1930 his body, still magnificently preserved and clothed anew to mark the event of his solemn “recognition”, has been lying in a glass case, a magnificent piece by artists from Faenza. The initial simple and austere iron case is next to it and bears witness to the prayers and miracles performed over the centuries.
    The rooms next to the chapel are covered in painted tablets and canvases depicting people praying before the figure of Blessed Amato with the words “for grace received”. Miraculously, his coffin was unscathed when bombs dropped on Saludecio in 1944 tore the church apart. His most surprising miracles include protecting the town in times of danger. In 1991, the parish of San Biagio in Saludecio and the Pia Unione del Beato Amato (which replaced the confraternity of the same name in 1919) began to promote the process of canonization. Preliminary diocesan investigations recently concluded with the arrival of a positio by the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints and proclamation of sainthood is now eagerly awaited.

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